Students are hereby informed to apply online for scholarships from the concerned departments through college to :

  1. For S C S T Students – Social welfare department, Government of Karnataka
  2. OBC Students –Department of Backward Class Community, Government of Karnataka
  3. Minority – Concerned Department
  4. Children of Ex-Service Men, etc., – Concerned department

Most of the departments accept applications online after following due procedures prescribed by them like Bio Metric, obtaining Unique ID No and Aadhar Number, hence follow the rules as prescribed by the departments and advised  to log on to the concerned department website.

In addition to the above, the Janatha Education Society with its goal of providing quality education at affordable cost, especially to meritorious, rural and economically backward sections of the society ably supports them through student Aid scholarships, from the funds of Janatha Education Society, towards the fulfillment of its social responsibility.

Sri. Shivaprakash K S is incharge of overseeing scholarships.