visionOur Vision : is to prepare ROBUST, RATIONAL & SINCERE YOUNG MEN & WOMEN, strong in mind and body, to be the backbone of our country,
which is economically vibrant, with more & more young people becoming self-reliant & reaching the pinnacle of their careers across the globe. Law profession provides them multifarious openings & a lucrative occupation.
With litigation acquiring more significant dimensions in the modern context, lawyers and policy makers are much in demand in civil, criminal & other emerging domains of law. Our Institution aims to pioneer the kind of legal education which kindles students interest both in academics & career prospects.

Mission : Ignorance of Law is no excuse. In the modern competitive an complex society, knowledge of law is not essential but also inevitable. We undertake to equip students with legal knowledge to face the challenges, present & future’ and to create healthy and peaceful atmosphere in the society, in order to facilitate justice & social development.

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